Mini School Bus

Student Transportation:

Passenger capacity:

16 children

20 Children

24 Children

Our school buses come standard with: – Real time GPS Tracking System & air conditioning

Lenoir’s Transportation school bus fleet is serviced with highly-qualified, professionally-trained drivers who comply with the federal and state Department of Transportation motor vehicle regulations. Lenoir’s Transportation has been transporting special needs children for 15 years.

Lenoir’s Transportation facility is large enough to make any repairs on the premises, as needed by our highly-experienced maintenance technician who is capable and equipped to make any repairs on the premises, as needed. Additionally, the company’s alliance with the Department of Transportation allows for NJ DMV Inspections* to be performed on-site, in order to meet and comply with the standards set forth.

*Lenoir’s Transportation fleet of school buses are DOT inspected every 6 months

Drivers & Aides


Our bus drivers are subject to random drug and alcohol tests. All drivers are fingerprinted for criminal records. Physical examinations are done every two years and each driver’s Motor vehicle record is checked annually.

Aides;   All aides hired by Lenoir’s Transportation are fingerprinted as well.

Lenoir’s Transportation provides mandatory safety meetings for our drivers and aides twice a year.


Safety Vehicle Maintenance

Lenoir’s Transportation provides fully inspected, licensed and insured buses/mini vans that are equipped with functional seat belts for each child. All vehicles are equipped with Fire Extinguishers, First Aids Kits and Seat Belt Cutters.  Our vehicles are checked every 3,000 miles for general safety and preventive maintenance.  Our vehicles are inspected by the New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicle every 6 months.  In accordance with State and Federal Laws, drivers are required to perform pre- and post-trip inspection of their vehicle to assume the safety of it passengers.